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Eeney, meeny, miny, moe...on which tour shall we go?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Can't quite decided what tour(s) to participate in?

Meet Mike Gilbride. As the event's director of tours, he offers insight into each.

Mike has been a Sioux Falls Corvette Club member for 13 years and has attended every Black Hills Corvette Classic during his tenure. A Corvette fanatic, he has owned four of these iconic cars including a 1966 Coupe, 1995 Coupe, 1991 ZR-1 Coupe, and if you spot a 2011 Grand Sport Coupe on your way to Spearfish, South Dakota it might just be Mike in the driver's seat.

When asked why he helps organize the tours, he raves, "the roads and scenery in the Black Hills are some of the BEST! I want the folks that come to the Black Hills Corvette Classic to experience this "island."

What is one of your favorite event tours?

By far the "Breakfast with the Presidents" tour. Great roads with LOTS of curves and hills! Great scenery and one of the most awesome and patriotic sites in the world: Mt. Rushmore. We take you on the back roads of the Hills that most tourists will never drive on -- it's a blast!

What is your favorite part of the annual Black Hills Corvette Classic?

Making new friends every year and connecting with old friends from the past years.

Mike's Guide to the 2018 Corvette Classic Tours:

-Breakfast with the Presidents/Needles/Iron Mt. Road

A must do of all the tours! We travel some of the best twisty, hilly roads in the United States on our way to the GREATEST patriotic site in America!

-Devils Tower

See what God "carved" out of the plains of Wyoming! There is NOTHING like it in the whole world.

-1880 Train - Keystone, South Dakota (additional cost)

Take a step back in history and ride a steam locomotive train. Hear the narrative of what life was like in the Hills of South Dakota during the Gold Rush era.

From your time at the annual event, what is one "Pro Tip" you want new attendees to know?

There is more to do than time allows, so plan on coming back next year. Make many friends, enjoy the roads and come back often -- it is a BLAST, year after year after year!

Be sure to register for the 2018 Corvette Classic early as tour space is limited.

Choose your tours on the master event registration form found here>>

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